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Cichlid Fuljer

Our family business is located in the small village of Petrovice (1312) under big mountains and vast meadows. The municipal coat of arms has a bear in its emblem. When you visit us, you will definitely notice him and it is possible that you will even meet someone alive 🙂

We are a constant on the Slovak aquarium market. We are a team of people who really understand their work.


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Our team

IMO Fuljer


He has been raising fish since childhood. First in jam bottles (he fed them bread:) Later he inherited a 72 liter aquarium, which started his interest in cichlids. Today, he takes care of 415 aquariums in our company, so he really has enough robots. In addition, it helps with the servicing of our customers’ aquariums. Even though he has been raising fish professionally for over 20 years, his enthusiasm for new species still does not leave him. He imported many new and beautiful fish to Slovakia, such as Metriaclima fainzilberi Maison reef, Labidochromis hongi Sweden, Placidochromis phenochilus, Altolamprologus mandarin or even Enantiopus melanogenys.

In the Slovak Cichlid Club (SKC), he received the position of “main adviser in breeding at SVK”. His mission is to help you with breeding, advise on the selection of fish for your aquarium.

He has been designing and completing aquariums for almost two decades. Her customers are famous athletes, doctors and even our president. It will help you choose an aquarium, external or internal filter, sand and decoration.

In Slovakia, it represents world-famous companies such as HS Smulders, Back To Nature, O.S.I., but also one of the world’s best feeds for aquarium fish, DAINICHI.

Her hand controls the entire e-shop, but the main content of her work is managing the company as such.

Karin Fuljerová


Ondrej Pavlík


Our “guy” ONDREJ has been a member of our team for almost 10 years. He will always answer your phone number 0948876888. He will help you with your order in the “shop” Akvariumonline.sk

He will also advise you on breeding African cichlids. It is not by chance that he has the nickname “TURTLE”, his great love is “turtles” in his home aquarium. He has a love for nature in his heart, he goes fishing.

At the moment, however, he is completely addicted to cycling, he travels daily on Slovak roads and mountain trails.

She is a sensitive person who speaks perfect English and will call you when processing or shipping your order.

So he takes care of our e-shop and also has his hands in the packaging of packages. In case of your personal visit, he will make you coffee or tea with English elegance.

Janka is especially loved by our cats, she is not allowed on their tummies.

Janka Snowball


Marián Špánik


He will help you with the basic selection of fish and advise how and what to feed the fish. Each type of cichlid requires a different feed and he knows what.

He has an important role in our company, he is the only one who works manually. He cleans aquariums, glass covers, filters, and takes care of the cleanliness of the area around the fish. The satisfaction of fish is the basis of their health and beauty.

He likes sports very much, he actively plays hockey. In addition, he likes to collect mushrooms and go fishing. Info for single women: “he is still single”.

KORO Oscár Dóra

STRAŠIDLO 🙂 CORÍK will be the first to welcome you in the showroom. This celebrity is already known abroad. A few photos of our clients from abroad, England, Poland and the Czech Republic…

Dio z Petrovíc, Macho II, Elza z Petrovíc

Our cats and tomboys, who make pleasant company for our guests. However, they have an irreplaceable place in maintaining the “bio-balance”, they clean everything they see