Our breeding Cichlid-Fuljer

We can deliver fish to your home.

We deliver them either personally or by courier. We send fish by courier every Monday. Delivery to you is on Tuesday.

The fish will be professionally packed in two original transport bags and a plastic bag. Sensitively oxygenated, put to sleep, in a polystyrene thermobox, cardboard, with heating using the Aqua Pack system. It is simply our priority that the fish are transported as safely as possible.

Price of polystyrene box + cardboard packaging: Z50 60 x 40 x 36cm (€12) or S25 40x34x37cm (€11). The carton is selected according to the quantity of transported fish. Aqua Pack M heating bag (€1.5) or Aqua Pack XL (€2.3).

If you are interested, we can buy back an undamaged PS box from you.
All photos of fish on our e-shop come exclusively from our breeding station. They are not downloaded from the Internet or otherwise copied.
Fish photos are photos of adult fish. When buying young individuals, the color may be different from adults. The final coloring comes with the growth of individuals to adulthood. The color of females and males is different in some fish. The exact determination of the sex of most African cichlids is not possible at a young age. Therefore, we recommend choosing a larger quantity of one type.

genus speciesgenerationlengthpcs
TANGANIKA cichlids
Altolamprologus calvus Congo Lupota “Black Pectoral” wildf13-40
PHOTO/videocalvus Congo Moba “Black Pectoral” wildf13-450
PHOTO/videocalvus Congo Moba “Black Pectoral” wildf14-50
PHOTO|videocalvus Chaitika “White calvus” rare wildf13-450
PHOTO|videocalvus Chaitika “White calvus” rare wildf14-50
PHOTO|videocalvus Nkamba bay “Yellow calvus” rare wildf13-450
PHOTO|videocalvus Nkamba bay “Yellow calvus” rare wildf14-550
PHOTO|videocalvus Nkamba bay “Yellow calvus” rare wildf15-6,50
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Kagunga “red” NEW wildf13-450
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Karago wildF13-450
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Karago wildF14-50
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Muzi “Gold head” wildf13-420
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Muzi “Gold head” wildf14-50
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Kiku “Black Widow” NEW wildf13-40
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Kiku “Black Widow” NEW wildf1320
PHOTOcompressiceps Kilima “Mandarin” NEW f1f2small100
PHOTOcompressiceps Kilima “Mandarin” NEW f1f24-50
PHOTO|videocompressiceps Milima “Mandarin” NEW wildf13-450
compressiceps Talama “Mandarin” NEW WILDf13-450
PHOTO/videocompressiceps Titcha “Mandarin” NEW WILDf1320
AulonocranusPHOTO|videodewindti Izinga wild newf14-520
CallochromisPHOTO|videomacrops Kasanga “red eye”4-520
PHOTOmacrops Ndole “red”40
PHOTOmacrops Ndole “red”5-70
melanostigma Muzimu NEW wildf14-50
melanostigma Nyanza Lac NEW wildf14-50
pleurospilus Kagunga NEW wildf13,5-40
Chalinochromis PHOTO/videocyanophleps Kipili Very rare wildf14-50
PHOTO|videopopelini Cape Tembwe NEW wildf14-50
PHOTO|videosp. ‘Bifrenatus’4-550
PHOTO|videosp. ‘Bifrenatus’5-620
PHOTO|videosp. ‘ndobhoi’ Bulu point wildf14-520
PHOTO|videosp. ‘ndobhoi’ Bulu point wildf15-60
CyathopharynxPHOTO|videofoai Kasanga NEW wildf13,5-430
PHOTO|videofoai Mikongolo Island NEW wildf14-530
PHOTO|videofoai Mikongolo Island NEW wildf15,5-750
CyphotilapiaPHOTO|videogibberosa Lupota “Blue Zair” wildf13-40
Cyprichromis PHOTO|videoleptosoma “Utinta fluorescent” wildf14-5
PHOTO|videomicrolepidotus Kasai wildf14-5,530
PHOTO|videomicrolepidotus Kasai wildf16-80
PHOTO|videomicrolepidotus Kiriza wildf14-5,530
PHOTO|videomicrolepidotus Kiriza wildf15,5-70
PHOTO|videomicrolepidotus Mikindu wildf1small50
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf14-530
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf14-530
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf15,5-70
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf15,5-70
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf17-100
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Kitumba WFf17-100
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Moba4-50
PHOTO|videosp. ‘brilliant jumbo’ Moba5,5-70
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kibishi’ Milima wild raref14-550
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kibishi’ Milima wild raref15-6,550
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kibishi’ Milima wild raref16,5-830
PHOTO|videosp. ‘leptosoma jumbo’ Cape Mpimbwe wildf14-520
PHOTO|videosp. ‘leptosoma jumbo’ Cape Mpimbwe wildf15-620
PHOTO|videosp. ‘leptosoma jumbo’ Kekese “Yellow head”4-520
PHOTO|videosp. ‘leptosoma jumbo’ Kekese “Yellow head”5,5-70
zonatus Mvuna Island wild
EnantiopusPHOTO|videomelanogenys Namansi wildf150
PHOTO|videomelanogenys Namansi wildf15,5-70
PHOTO|videomelanogenys Namansi wildf17-90
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kilesa’ wild raref14-515
HaplotaxodonPHOTOmicrolepis Kigoma wildwf253♂
Julidochromiscf. Regani Mboko “orange”f14-50
PHOTO|videomarlieri Bemba NEW wildf13,5-4,520
PHOTO|videomarksmithi Kipili3,5-4,530
PHOTO|videomarksmithi Kipili5-60
PHOTO|videomarksmithi Kipili6-80
ornátus Kasanga wild3,5-4,520
PHOTO|videoornatus Uvira “yellow” rare wildf13,5-4,5
PHOTO/videoregani Nsumbu Zambia “Gold” wildf13,5-4,5small
PHOTO/videoregani Nsumbu Zambia “Gold” wildf13,5-4,5small
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kombe’ Zambia (transcriptus Gombe)3,5-4,550
PHOTO|videosp. ‘kombe’ Zambia (transcriptus Gombe)5-60
PHOTO|videosp. ‘transcriptus kapampa’ Kapampa NEW wildf13,5-4,540
PHOTO|videotranscriptus Bemba f13,5-4,520
PHOTO|videotranscriptus Bemba f14,5-620
Lamprologus PHOTO|videolemairii Sibwesa NEW wildf13-3,530
PHOTO/videomultifasciatus 2-380
PHOTO/videoocellatus Bangwe wildf12-310
PHOTO/videoocellatus Isanga “Gold”f12-350
PHOTO|videoocellatus Kasanga “Gold”f12-350
PHOTO/videoocellatus Gold2-330
PHOTO/videosimilis Karilani wildf12-310
PHOTO|videospeciosus Moba wildf12-30
PHOTO/videostappersi (meleagris ) Kavala wildf12-3100
Lepidiolamprologus PHOTO|videokendali Kasanga wildf14-50
Neolamprologus PHOTO/videobrichardi Kiriza wildf13,5-4,550
PHOTO/videobrichardi Kiriza wildf14,5-650
PHOTO|videobuescheri Gombe wildf13-510
caudopunctatus Chaitika wildf13-50
PHOTOcylindricus Isinga Island very rare wildf14-5200
PHOTOcylindricus Isinga Island very rare wildf15-6100
PHOTOfurcifer Tanzania wildf13,5-4,50
PHOTOchristyi Fulwe Rocks wildf14-510
PHOTO/videoleleupi Kavala “Black” very rare wildf14-550
PHOTO/videoleleupi Kavala “Black” very rare wildf15-630
PHOTO/videoleleupi Uvira “ORANGE”4-5100
PHOTO/videoleleupi Uvira “ORANGE”5-60
PHOTO/videoleleupi Uvira “ORANGE”6-80
PHOTO|videomustax Mbita Island wildf13,5-4100
PHOTO|videomustax Mbita Island wildf14-5,5100
PHOTO|videoolivaceous Cape Tembwe NEW wildf14-550
PHOTO|videopulcher Kantalamba “daffodil” wildf13,5-4,550
PHOTO|videopulcher Kantalamba “daffodil” wildf15-630
PHOTOsplendens (helianthus) Kitumba NEW wildf13,5-450
PHOTOsplendens (helianthus) Kitumba NEW wildf14-650
PHOTO|videosp. ‘falcicula cygnus’ Kiliwani NEW wildf13,5-450
PHOTO|videosp. ‘falcicula cygnus’ Kiliwani NEW wildf14-650
OphtalmotilapiaPHOTO|videoboops Nkondwe Island wildf14-530
PHOTO|videoboops Nkondwe Island wildf15-75
ventralis Katondo point ( White cap) NEW wildf14-50
Paracyprichromis PHOTO/videobrieni Nkondwe Island wild raref14-515
PHOTO/videobrieni Nkondwe Island wild raref15-70
PHOTO|videonigripinnis Chituta bay “Blue Neon” wildf14-50
PHOTO|videonigripinnis Chituta bay “Blue Neon” wildf15-70
TelmatochromisPHOTO|videovittatus Kipili wildf13,5-4100
PHOTO|videovittatus Kipili wildf14-6100
Tropheus PHOTO/videodubois Maswa wildf1330
PHOTO/videodubois Maswa wildf14-5,50
PHOTOmoorii Kambwimba wildf13-410
PHOTOsp. ‘black’ Pemba Bemba3-430
PHOTOsp. ‘black’ Pemba Bemba4-50
PHOTOsp. ‘black’ Pemba Bemba5,5-70
PHOTO/videosp. ‘ikola’ wildf13-430
XenotilapiaPHOTOsingularis Kalya wild VERY RAREf13,550
sp. ‘papilio sunflower’ Mvuna NEW wildf14-50
MALAWI cichlids
Aulonocara PHOTO/videobaenschi Benga4-5100
PHOTO/videobaenschi Benga5,5-7200
PHOTO/videobaenschi Benga7-100
PHOTOfire fish “Coral red”4-5200
PHOTOfire fish “Coral red”5,5-7150
PHOTOjacobfreibergi Cape Maclear 4-5100
PHOTOjacobfreibergi Cape Maclear5,5-7100
PHOTOjacobfreibergi “Eureka”4-5small
PHOTOjacobfreibergi “Eureka”5-70
PHOTO|videojacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf14-5200
PHOTO|videojacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf15,5-750
PHOTO|videojacobfreibergi Mamelela wildf17-1050
PHOTOmaylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf14-5200
PHOTOmaylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf15,5-7200
PHOTOmaylandi Kandeense Nkhata Bay wildf17-10100
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Chilumba wildf14-5100
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Chilumba wildf15,5-7100
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Chilumba wildf17-100
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Maulana wildf14-5200
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Maulana wildf15,5-7200
PHOTO/videostuartgranti Maulana wildf17-1050
PHOTO|videostuartgranti Usisya wildf14-5200
PHOTO|videostuartgranti Usisya wildf15,5-7100
PHOTO|videosp. ‘lwanda’ Hai Reef wild raref14-50
PHOTO|videosp. ‘lwanda’ Hai Reef wild raref15,5-70
PHOTO|videosp. ‘lwanda’ Hai Reef wildf17-100
PHOTO/videosp. Red rubin 4-5200
PHOTO/videosp. Red rubin5,5-7200
PHOTO/videosp. Red rubin7-100
Copadichromis PHOTO|videoazureusf24-5100
PHOTO/videogeertsi Gomef24-50
PHOTO/videocyaneus Zimbawe rock4-510
PHOTO/videocyaneus Zimbawe rock5,5-70
PHOTO|videoparvus Nkhungu point NEW wildf14-530
PHOTO/videosp. ‘fire-crest mloto’ Rare4-50
PHOTO|videosp. Ivory4-550
CynotilapiaPHOTO|videoaurifrons Luwino reef wildf13,5-430
PHOTO|videoaurifrons Luwino reef wildf14-630
PHOTO|videoaurifrons Mphanga Rocks wild,f1 f1-f23,5-430
PHOTO|videoaurifrons Mphanga Rocks wild,f1 f1-f24,5-60
PHOTOzebroides Cobwe3,5-420
PHOTOzebroides Cobwe4,5-60
PHOTO/videozebroides Charo, wildf13,5-420
PHOTO/videozebroides Chewere wildf13,5-450
PHOTO/videozebroides Chewere wildf15-630
PHOTO/videozebroides Jalo Reef3,5-420
PHOTO/videozebroides Jalo Reef5-60
PHOTO|videozebroides Likoma Island “Red Top” wildf13,5-450
PHOTO|videozebroides Likoma Island “Red Top” wildf15,5-730
PHOTO|videozebroides Likoma Island “Red Top” wildf17-100
PHOTO/videozebroides Minos Reef wildf13,5-450
PHOTO/videozebroides Minos Reef wildf15-620
PHOTO/videosp. ‘hara’ Gallireya Reef3,5-4,530
PHOTO/videosp. ‘hara’ Gallireya Reef5-60
PHOTO|videosp. Ndonga Deep3,5-4,5100
PHOTO|videosp. Ndonga Deep5-6100
PHOTO|videosp. Ndonga Deep6-8100
Cyrtocara PHOTOmoorii Chilumbaf24-550
PHOTOmoorii Chilumbaf26-70
ChindongoPHOTOdemasoni Pombo Rocks3-450
PHOTOdemasoni Pombo Rocks4,5-60
PHOTOflavus Chyniankwazi4-520
PHOTOflavus Chyniankwazi5,5-70
PHOTO/videosaulosi “Coral red”3,5-40
PHOTO/videosaulosi “Coral red”4-5,50
PHOTO/videosocolofi Thumbi Point4-530
PHOTO/videosocolofi Thumbi Point5-60
PHOTO/videosocolofi Thumbi Point10-1210
PHOTO|videosp. ‘elongatus mphanga’ Mphanga Rocks3,5-4,550
PHOTO|videosp. ‘elongatus mphanga’ Mphanga Rocks4,5-60
IodotropheusPHOTO|videosprengerae “Red”3,5-420
PHOTO|videosprengerae “Red”4,5-60
Labeotropheus PHOTO|videofuelleborni Chiwi Rock “OB” fem. wildf13,5-4,5100
PHOTO|videofuelleborni Chiwi Rock “OB” fem. wildf14,5-680
PHOTOfuelleborni Katale island “OB” fem. wild
PHOTO/videotrewavasae Chidunga Rocks “Red Top” MC fem wildf14-520
PHOTO/videotrewavasae Chidunga Rocks “Red Top” MC fem wildf15,5-70
PHOTO/videotrewavasae “Marmelade cat”4-5300
PHOTO/videotrewavasae “Marmelade cat”5-6100
PHOTO/videotrewavasae “Marmelade cat”6-820
Labidochromis PHOTO/videocaeruleus Nkhomo Reef wild+f1f1+f23,5-430
PHOTO/videocaeruleus Nkhomo Reef wild+f1f1+f24-5,50
PHOTO/videohongi “Sweden”3,5-4200
PHOTO/videohongi “Sweden”4-550
PHOTO/videohongi “Sweden”5-60
PHOTOchizumulae Chizumulu f1f23-450
PHOTOchizumulae Chizumulu f1f24-5,50
PHOTO/videosp. ‘blue white’ Tansania rare3-430
PHOTOsp. ‘perlmutt’ Higga Reef3,5-430
PHOTOsp. ‘perlmutt’ Higga Reef4,5-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘Yellow’3-420
PHOTO/videosp. ‘Yellow’4-5,50
LethrinopsPHOTO/videoalbus Kande Islandf24-550
PHOTO/videoalbus Kande Islandf25,5-750
PHOTO/videoalbus Kande Islandf27-1050
PHOTO/videosp. ‘gold’ Harbour Island (Monkey Bay)4-5300
PHOTO/videosp. ‘gold’ Harbour Island (Monkey Bay)5,5-7300
PHOTO/videosp. ‘gold’ Harbour Island (Monkey Bay)7-9100
PHOTO/videosp. ‘red cap’ Itungi3,5-450
PHOTO/videosp. ‘red cap’ Itungi4-5,50
Melanochromis PHOTO/videoauratus Chidunga Rocks NEW wildf13,5-40
MetriaclimaPHOTO/videoaurora Malawi wildf14-5100
PHOTO/videoaurora Malawi wildf15-7100
PHOTO/videoaurora Malawi wildf17-950
PHOTO/videoaurora Malawi wildf19-110
PHOTO/videocallainos ( zebra pearl ) Kirondo wildf13,5-410
PHOTO/videocallainos ( zebra pearl ) Lupingu wildf13,5-420
PHOTO/videocallainos ( zebra pearl ) Lupingu wildf14,5-60
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe rare4-510
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe rare5,5-70
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe OB very rare3-420
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Ikombe OB very rare5,5-70
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Maison Reeff23-450
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Maison Reeff24-530
PHOTO/videofainzilberi Maison Reeff25,5-70
PHOTO|videohajomaylandi Chizumulu wildf13,5-4,550
PHOTO|videohajomaylandi Chizumulu wildf14,5-60
PHOTO/videolombardoi Mbenji Island wildf13,5-420
PHOTO/videolombardoi Mbenji Island wildf14-5,50
PHOTO/videonigrodorsalis Nkhungu wild very raref15-6,530
PHOTO/videosp. ‘dolphin’ Thumbi Point Rare wild+f1f1+f24-50
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus goldbar’ Chizumulu Islandf23,5-4,520
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus goldbar’ Chizumulu Islandf25-70
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus chailosi’ Chitande Island wildf14-50
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus chailosi’ Chitande Island wildf15-70
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus chewere’ Chewere wildf13,5-4,5150
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus chewere’ Chewere wildf15-6100
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus chewere’ Chewere wildf16-930
PHOTO/videosp. ‘msobo’ Magunga wildf13-430
PHOTO/videosp. ‘msobo’ Magunga wildf14-50
PHOTO|videosp. ‘zebra gold’ OB fem. Kawanga wildf13-40
PHOTO|videosp. ‘zebra gold’ OB fem. Kawanga wildf24-60
PHOTO/videozebra Chizumulu Chiwi Rocks “OB” NEW wildf13,5-4,5100
PHOTO/videozebra Chizumulu Chiwi Rocks “OB” NEW wildf14,5-6100
sp. ‘zebra Nankhomo’ NEW f1f23,5-4,530
Otopharynx PHOTO/videolithobathes black “orange dorsal”4-520
PHOTO/videolithobathes black “orange dorsal”4-5,50
PHOTO/videolithobates l. Zimbawe Rock “Sulphur head”4-530
PHOTO/videolithobates l. Zimbawe Rock “Sulphur head”5-6100
PHOTO/videolithobates l. Zimbawe Rock “Sulphur head”6-8100
PHOTO|videolithobates ‘Three Peak Reef’ NEW4-550
PHOTO|videolithobates ‘Three Peak Reef’ NEW5-6,50
PlacidochromisPHOTO/videophenochilus Mdoka “White Lips”4-5100
PHOTO/videophenochilus Mdoka “White Lips”5-650
PHOTO/videophenochilus Mdoka “White Lips”6-830
PHOTO/videophenochilus Mdoka “White Lips”8-100
PHOTO/videosp. ‘phenochilus tanzania’ Lupingu4-50
PHOTO/videosp. ‘phenochilus tanzania’ Lupingu5-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘spilonotus tanzania’ “Yellow”4-550
PHOTO/videosp. ‘spilonotus tanzania’ “Yellow”5,5-780
PHOTO/videosp. ‘spilonotus tanzania’ “Yellow”7-1030
PHOTO/videotaeniolatus taeniolatus Lupingu4-550
PHOTO/videotaeniolatus taeniolatus Lupingu5,5-750
PHOTO/videotaeniolatus taeniolatus Lupingu7-1050
PHOTOtaeniolatus taeniolatus Namalenje Island4-510
PHOTOtaeniolatus taeniolatus Namalenje Island5,5-70
Pseudotropheus PHOTO/videobenotos Kirondo NEW wildf14-550
PHOTO/videobenotos Kirondo NEW wildf15,5-750
PHOTO/videobenotos Kirondo NEW wildf17-1050
PHOTO/videocyaneorhabdos Maingano Island4-5small
PHOTO/videocyaneorhabdos Maingano Island5-60
PHOTO|videointerruptus Chiwi NEW wildf13,5-4,550
PHOTO|videointerruptus Chiwi NEW wildf14,5-60
PHOTO/videojohannii Metangula NEW wildf13,5-4,550
PHOTO/videojohannii Metangula NEW wildf14,5-620
PHOTO/videojohannii “Red”3,5-4small
PHOTO/videoperspicax Ndumbi “red top”4-5100
PHOTO/videoperspicax Ndumbi red top4,5-60
PHOTO/videopolit Lion’s cove wildf13,5-40
PHOTO/videopolit Lion’s cove wildf14,5-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘acei’ Itungi4-530
PHOTO/videosp. ‘acei’ Itungi5-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘acei’ Luwala f1f23,5-4,550
PHOTO/videosp. ‘acei’ Luwala wildf15-70
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus masimbwe’ Masimbwe Is. wildf14-550
PHOTO/videosp. ‘elongatus masimbwe’ Masimbwe Is. wildf15-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘williamsi north’ “Blue Lips”4-530
PHOTO/videosp. ‘williamsi north’ “Blue Lips”5-60
PHOTO/videosp. ‘williamsi north’ “Blue Lips”6-70
TaeniolethrinopsPHOTO/videofurcicauda Chiofu Liwani f1f23-40
TropheopsPHOTO/videosp. ‘aurora’ Mbamba Bay wildf14-550
PHOTO/videosp. ‘aurora’ Mbamba Bay wildf15-750
PHOTO/videomacrophthalmus ‘Lumbira’ NEW wildf13,5-4100
PHOTO/videomacrophthalmus ‘Lumbira’ NEW wildf14,5-650
PHOTO/videomacrophthalmus ‘Lumbira’ NEW wildf16-750
PHOTO/videomacrophthalmus ‘Lumbira’ NEW wildf17-1030
sp. ‘red fin’ Usisya3-40
sp. ‘red cheek’ Chiwi Rock wild3,5-4,530
wild – chované ryby pochádzajú z prírody.
F1 – prvá generácia po rodičoch z prírody.
Krmivo pre mladé rybky.
Odchovné granule.
PHOTOSpirulina granule0,4-0,8mm250g – 5€
500g – 7,5€
1000g – 12€
Krmivo pre mladé rybky
Odchovné granule.
PHOTOSpirulina granule1mm250g – 5€
500g – 7,5€
1000g – 12€
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia smallPHOTO25cm rastlinka. Cca 5-7 listkov5,3€
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia strednáPHOTO30-40cm rastlinka. Cca 5-10 listkov10€
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia veľkáPHOTO50-80cm rastlinka. Cca 15 listkov17€
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia strednáPHOTO30-40cm rastlinka. Cca 5-10 listkov10€
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia veľkáPHOTO50-80cm rastlinka. Cca 15 listkov17€