Our breeding Cichlid-Fuljer

We can deliver fish to your home.

We deliver them either personally or by courier. We send fish by courier every Monday. Delivery to you is on Tuesday.

The fish will be professionally packed in two original transport bags and a plastic bag. Sensitively oxygenated, put to sleep, in a polystyrene thermobox, cardboard, with heating using the Aqua Pack system. It is simply our priority that the fish are transported as safely as possible.

Price of polystyrene box + cardboard packaging: Z50 60 x 40 x 36cm (€12) or S25 40x34x37cm (€11). The carton is selected according to the quantity of transported fish. Aqua Pack M heating bag (€1.5) or Aqua Pack XL (€2.3).

If you are interested, we can buy back an undamaged PS box from you.
All photos of fish on our e-shop come exclusively from our breeding station. They are not downloaded from the Internet or otherwise copied.
Fish photos are photos of adult fish. When buying young individuals, the color may be different from adults. The final coloring comes with the growth of individuals to adulthood. The color of females and males is different in some fish. The exact determination of the sex of most African cichlids is not possible at a young age. Therefore, we recommend choosing a larger quantity of one type.

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